between islands


Artist Statement

I had the privilege of visiting remote Deal Island for the second time in 2014, ten years after my first visit.

Deal Island is one of five islands that constitute the Kent Group, located in the middle of Bass Strait. Given their relative close proximity, it is surprising that even from the top of the lighthouse on Deal Island you never see the entire group at once - a variety of perspectives is always presented, of both the sea and landscape. The commanding and sweeping views out across the ocean in all directions lead the eye to the gentle arc of the horizon.

Murray Pass is the passage of water between Deal Island and the nearby landmasses of Dover and Erith. These waters constantly reflect the moods of the changing weather patterns of the Strait.

This is an isolated landscape, one of immense beauty but also one that can be potentially treacherous. You can feel very small in this landscape but also empowered by the spirit of place it exudes. This is a landscape of geographical grandeur, of history, of stories, that gets a hold on you and doesn’t readily let go. It draws you back – Bass Strait Circles.